How to: Edit Broadcast & On-Demand Session Displays & Settings

Session pages are the main stage for your webinar, events, allhands, breakouts, and more.  

Session page contain your live broadcast and on-demand content as well as Breakout and Fireside sessions. Attendees can watch videos, ask questions, chat with each other, access surveys and quizzes, view documents and see similar or upcoming sessions. 


Displays & Layouts 

To edit the display for a Broadcast session, open your event in the Brandlive Sitebuilder, navigate to the session you wish to edit, and select the pencil icon from the menu next to "Session Display" under the Layout tab:


A modal will open where you can: 

  • Enable audience chat 
  • Select the chat layout
  • Select a video play theme (light or default dark mode)


At the top of the modal, you can navigate to the "Thumbnail"  tab to:

  • Add or edit a thumbnail image 
  • Add or edit a second, optional thumbnail image to be displayed after the broadcast ends (does not apply to on-demand sessions)


Page Settings 

To edit the session settings, navigate to the "Settings" tab in the lefthand menu:


From here, admins can click on pencil icons and toggles to edit: 

  • Basic info: Edit the session type, session title, add tracks and languages, or enter a custom URL. For live broadcasts, change the date, time, and duration for the session. 
  • Streaming
    • For broadcast sessions, change the streaming type to Greenroom, RTMP, or embedded iframe, or upload a placeholder video to play until the broadcast begins. 
    • For on-demand sessions, add or upload a video and select the session langauge.
  • Make session replay available automatically: Toggle on to make the recording of the live broadcast available for replay automatically following the end of the broadcast. Does not apply for on-demand sessions. 
  • Tags: Add tags to a session for easy sorting. Learn more here
  • Reactions: Toggle on to allow attendees to react in real time with emojis. Click the "+" icon to upload emojis. 
  • Moderation: Toggle on options to require all chat messages and/or questions to be approved by a moderator before publishing to the page.
  • Session Custom CSS: Enter custom CSS for the session. 

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