Session pages are the main stage for your webinar, events, allhands, breakouts, and more.  

Session page contain your live broadcast and on-demand content as well as Breakout and Fireside sessions. Session pages can also contain content modules for additional session content such as documents, surveys, similar sessions and more.  Learn more about each type of content module in our Session Page Feature Overview article. 


Adding Content Modules

To add content to your Session page, open the event in Sitebuilder and navigate to the Session page you wish to edit.

Then, simply toggle modules on and off using the lefthand menu. 

Note: The Overview modules contains several content options. Use the dropdown arrows to view them. 


Editing Content 

  • Text: To edit text in your modules, click into any text area in the preview window to edit content and text colors. 

  • Background colors: To edit the background color of any module, hover over the module in the preview window and select the paint brush icon. 


  • Products & Speakers: Select products or speakers in the preview window to click and drag to re-order them, remove them from your page, or edit them. To create a new speaker or product, hover over the module in the preview window, then select the pencil icon that appears:


Then, a new modal will appear to manage speakers or products. You can click on the checkbox over each speaker or product to add or remove them from your page or click on "Create Speaker" or "Create Product" to add a one. 


  • Similar Sessions: To add or remove similar sessions, hover over the module in the preview window and select the pencil icon. A modal will appear to add and remove sessions. You can also remove sessions by clicking on the trash can icon. 


  • Surveys: To add a survey to your page, hover over the survey module in the preview window and select the pencil icon. A modal will appear to select or edit existing surveys or create a new one.


  • Documents: To add existing documents or upload new ones, click "+ Add Documents" or the pencil icon. A modal will appear to make your selections. 


Ordering Content 

To order content modules on the page, use the arrows in each module in the preview window or click and drag each one using the lefthand menu. 


Arranging & Renaming Tabs

To arrange the layout of your tabs, select the edit button in the lefthand menu next to tabs:tab_edit_1.png

Then, a modal will appear to select a new layout. You can also opt to hide or show icons for each tab. 


To rename a tab, select "Tabs" from the top of the modal. Then, click in to edit the text for each:


Custom Tabs

To add additional or custom tabs, follow the steps above to rename tabs, however, this time, select "+ Add Tab".

Your new tab will appear at the end of the list. Click into the empty field to rename the tab. 

Select the icon dropdown arrow to select an icon. 

Then, select "+ Add Section" to add a content module or embed a widget.