Session pages are the main stage for your webinars, events, allhands meetings, breakouts, and more.  

Brandlive session pages contain your live broadcast and on-demand content as well as Breakout and Fireside sessions. Attendees can watch videos, ask questions, chat with each other, access surveys and quizzes, view documents and see similar or upcoming sessions. 

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Session Types

Broadcast Sessions

Broadcast sessions contain content that is live, pre-recorded, or a mix of both with the key differentiator being a scheduled date and time for the content to play. 

On-Demand Sessions

On-Demand sessions allow attendees to view content on their own at any time. Content can be pre-recorded or previously live content. 

Breakout Sessions 

Breakout sessions allow participants to connect in small or large group formats with options to turn their camera and microphones on. Choose from native in-platform breakouts or add a Zoom link. 

Fireside Sessions

Fireside sessions create a virtual stage that allows attendees to interact with presenters directly by raising their hand to join on camera. Check out our article on fireside sessions to learn more. 

Session Page Features 

Attendee Engagement

Attendees can chat with each other, ask questions to be answered live, react to content with emojis, complete surveys, participate in quizzes, view and download resources, and learn more about speakers, products, and similar sessions 


Assign moderators to respond to questions in chat or Q&A, approve or delete messages, push questions and comments to Greenroom for presenters to answer live, and send or schedule announcements or a feedback survey. 


Stream directly from Greenroom or from your own encoder with RTMP/Stream Keys.


Session Layouts

Above the Fold

Above the Fold allows you to display your webinar and engagement content side by side using the full height of your browsers -- with chat, engagement features, and supporting content nested into a panel to the right of your video.

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Below the Fold

Below the Fold offers the classic structure of video player on top, content on the bottom that we all know and love. You don't have to sacrifice content for style as all of our modules are optimized for either layout. 

Session Theme

Light Mode

Immerse your audience in a sleek and vibrant interface with the session page light mode option, enhancing readability and reducing eye strain during daytime use.

Dark Mode

Enhance your attendee's viewing experience with the session page dark mode option, offering a stylish and immersive interface ideal for low-light environments, while conserving battery life on your device. 

Accent Colors

Customize the look and feel of your session page with a primary and secondary color -- our platform will do the rest to ensure that no matter which mode you select, your webinar is optimized for visual accessibility and looks flawlessly designed.

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Session Content Modules 

Depending on the layout you've chosen, modules on these pages appear either below or to the right of video. Content modules can be re-ordered, re-named and toggled on or off.  Above the fold, modules will appear nested in tabs. Below the fold, modules appear in tabs horizontally across the page that also act as as anchor links that help you navigate throughout the page.


Share a summary of the session or key information for attendees while previewing your speakers and topics. This area should highlight the value of your content. 

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Customization capabilities:

  • Overview image
  • Module name
  • Headline text
  • Body text
  • Color and style of text


Highlight speaker profiles with bios, pictures, and social links to get attendees excited about the people they'll be hearing from. 

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Customization capabilities:

  • Headline text
  • Subheadline text
  • Color of pill
  • Create/edit speakers


Share individual item info, photos, and links to purchase to your products. With fully customizable text and the option to hide pricing, this section can also be used to link out to any type of item, not just products. 


Customization capabilities:

  • Module name
  • Headline text
  • Subheadline text
  • Color of text
  • Create/edit products
  • Module color + image
  • Module layout


Link attendees directly to the next session on your agenda or related sessions and content.  

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Customization capabilities:

  • Module name
  • Listed Sessions


Create and share question forms, surveys, polls and quizzes to incentivize attendee engagement and garner valuable data for your marketing or sales purposes.

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Customization capabilities:

  • Module name
  • Hide or display results 
  • Retakes and pass/fail degree
  • Ban users


Host key takeaway files such as presenter decks or one pagers.

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Customization capabilities:

  • Module name
  • Module background color 

Custom Tabs

Duplicate an existing tab option (speakers, overview, resources, etc.), or create a custom tab to host iFrames, captions or other HTML content.

Customization capabilities:

  • Module name
  • Module background color 
  • Embed a widget
  • Insert custom HTML

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