Build anticipation for your webinar or event and share important information on the Home page.  

The Home page is where users will land after registering for your webinar or event. It's the perfect place to offer new or expanded content to get attendees excited about your project!

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Turning Home Pages On or Off

To turn a Home page on or off, open your site to edit from the Projects Dashboard. Then, select "Pages" from the lefthand menu, followed by the "Home" field.

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At the top of the next page, you will see a toggle to turn the home page on or off for your site.

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Please note: This feature is only available for Single Session projects. A multi-session project will still require a Home Page.

Adding or Removing Content Modules

Looking for information about each type of content module? Check out this article

To add or remove a content module from the Home page, open your project to edit it and select "Pages" from the lefthand menu. 

Next, click on "Home" from the Pages list.

Then, use the toggles on each module to add or remove them from your page. 

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To add a custom content module, follow the directions above and scroll to the bottom of the module list. Select "Custom section":

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A menu will appear to select a new module. To add a custom HTML module, select "Blank Section".


Editing Content Modules 

To change the order of the content on your Home page, hover over the module you would like to move in the lefthand menu, then click and drag to reorder. 

Content can also be reordered by hovering over the module in the preview window and utilizing the arrows that appear in the top right. 

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Editing Layouts 

To edit the layout of your content module, hover over the module in the menu or the preview and click the pencil icon:

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A menu will appear to select a new layout:


  • To edit content within your modules, click into text fields to update the content and formatting. 
  • To edit images, hover over the image and select the photo icon to add or change a photo. Select the crop icon to adjust an existing image. 
  • To edit a background color, hover over the module and select the paintbrush icon. 

Editing the Navigation Menu

Navigation Orientation

To change the orientation of the navigation bar, hover over it and select the pencil icon at the top: 

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From the modal that pops up, you can choose between side (default) or top navigation:

Screen Shot 2023-09-20 at 3.58.10 PM.png

If you select top nav and publish, your Home page will look stylistically similarly to the Landing Page - navigation indicated by words instead of words and icons together, like so: 

Screen Shot 2023-09-20 at 4.15.14 PM.png

You have the option of making the top nav sticky, so that it scrolls with you down the page. Simply toggle "Sticky nav" ON to make this change.

Navigation Background 

To change the color of the site navigation bar, hover over it and select the paintbrush icon:

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Select a new background color or upload an image and click done.


You can also adjust the transparency of the nav background by clicking the + icon and adjusting the transparency slider and Background Blur values: 

Screen Shot 2023-09-20 at 4.17.24 PM.png

Navigation Icon Color

To edit the color of the navigation icons, hover over them and select the lower pencil icon. 

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The color selection menu will appear. Click a color and select Done. 

Custom Navigation Icons

To upload custom icons in the navigation menu, hover over the icons and select the image icon that appears. 

A modal will appear to upload your new icon or restore the default. Icons must be square, 24x24, SVG files. 


Once you have uploaded your icon, re-open the modal to select your new icon or upload another:


After choosing your icon, it will appear in your navigation bar:


Single Session Projects

Single session projects will not have a Home page by default. If you wish you add a Home page to your webinar, open the project and select "Pages" from the side navigation menu.

Then, select "Home" from the Pages list and toggle it on if you would like to have a Home page. The same can be done for a Landing page if desired.