How To: Navigate the Info Tab in Greenroom

Scheduling and managing streaming sessions made it easy.

From the Info tab within the Gear Icon menu, you can see the date and time of your Greenroom broadcast. Producers can also add sessions.  Sessions can either be Rehearsals, Tech Checks, Recordings, or additional Broadcasts.  Each session can be scheduled for a specific date and time, and Producers can invite all or selected presenters to a session.  



Producers can create sessions to meet certain show needs. Sessions exist to help groups coordinate and get together for key moments in the Greenroom outside of the broadcast. Sessions are defined as:

  • Rehearsal: a dry run-of-show before broadcasting live.
  • Tech Check: a session dedicated to ensuring single presenters or everyone has ease of access and use of Greenroom (i.e. Camera, Mic, and Entry into Greenroom works with no problem).
  • Recording: a time to pre-record any material to go into the live show. Often this includes recording Presenters who are unavailable the day of the show, to ensure their material can make it into the show as pre-recorded content. I'm sharing more on Recording in Greenroom here.
  • Broadcast: this is the live show, intended to occur at the originally scheduled start time.  Additional broadcasts can be created within a Greenroom.

Click "Add Session" to create a new session.

Screen_Shot_2022-10-18_at_10.40.16_AM.png Screen_Shot_2022-10-18_at_10.40.25_AM.png

For each session type being scheduled, the title, the start date and time, the end date and time, and the invite list (Team) can be customized. The Team area will list all Presenters you have already invited to the Greenroom.


Each session created and saved will be listed in the Info tab.  Sessions will be color-coded based on session type, and presenter avatar icons of invited presenters will be shown.  You can also view sessions from the Producer Homepage in list mode or calendar mode.