How-to: Use Greenroom iOS as a Presenter

Go live from anywhere in the world with the tap of a button. 

Ditch the webcam and easily join Greenroom straight from your iPhone or iPad. Greenroom iOS enables you to talk with your producer and other presenters, watch the show, keep an eye on the Showboard, and more. This article will walk you through how to join and use Greenroom iOS. Download the app here.

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Getting Started  

For the best streaming experience, we recommend: 

  • Updating to the latest software your device supports
  • Connecting to Wifi whenever possible

Joining the Greenroom

First, make sure you've downloaded the app from the App Store. You can also click the Greenroom invitation link in your email from your phone to be directed to the App Store. 

To join a Greenroom, open the app and view all upcoming shows. When you've found the session you're looking for, simply click "Join Greenroom". 

You'll then be prompted to turn your phone or tablet to landscape. You can then preview your camera view and turn the camera or microphone off before entering. 

Next, click "Enter" to join the Greenroom! 

Camera and Microphone Controls

Camera and microphone controls can be found in the bottom right corner of the screen. Simply tap to turn on and off. 

You can switch your camera view between front and back-facing by tapping on the four squares icon in the top right corner. The menu will display a camera icon at the top of the screen. Simply tap this button to switch between cameras. 

Communicating with the Producer and your Team

Once you join the Greenroom, you will be able to talk with your team and the producer for your Greenroom show. To see others in the Greenroom, tap on the four squares icon at the top right and then click Feeds. The Feeds tab will display everyone who is currently in Greenroom.

While your Greenroom show is live, the producer will turn on Backstage Comms which will allow you and your team to talk with one another without reaching the audience. 

Viewing the Showboard 

The Showboard allows you to view all upcoming shots in the show so you can keep track of each segment and get ready for your time in the spotlight! 

To view the Showboard, simply swipe up on the canvas. Swipe down to close it. 

Updating your Lower Third (Name & Title)

Lower thirds are the small banner that will display on screen when you go live with your name, title, location.  You can update the information that is displayed by tapping the four squares icon on the top right. 

From here, tap Settings and then "Edit" in the top right. Tap each field to edit and then tap Done. 

Profile Settings

To access your profile settings, tab the four square icon in the top right corner. From here, you can:

  • Edit your information 
  • Toggle notifications on or off 
  • Visit our Help Center or contact Support 
  • Read our Privacy Policy 
  • Sign out 
  • Delete your account 

Exiting the Greenroom

To exit the Greenroom, tap the four square icon in the top right and then tap "Leave Show". 


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