How to: Create and Edit Agenda Modules & Pages

Beautifully organize simple and complex event agendas for a seamless audience experience.

Whether you're hosting two sessions or 200 sessions, your attendees will be able to easily navigate your content through tracks, tags, calendar view, and more. 

First time using agendas? Be sure to check out our feature overview article for more info.


Creating Agenda Modules 

Agenda modules live on the landing and home pages of your site. To add an agenda to either page, first open your event in Sitebuilder to edit. 

Then, navigate to your landing or home page and toggle on "Agenda" from the lefthand menu.


Next, click the pencil icon next to the agenda toggle to open the layout options menu.


Select a layout and click "Done."

Note: The landing page and home page agenda modules act independently of each other, so be sure to toggle on the Agenda in both locations if desired. 

Editing Agenda Modules 

To edit an agenda module, simply click into the description and title fields to update them. Remember that changing a session title here will change the session title across the site. 

To add a new image or crop the existing one, hover over the image and click the crop or image icon to edit. 


Creating an Agenda Page

Multi-Session Events

To create an Agenda page for a multi-session event, navigate to the "Event" tab using the lefthand navigation in Sitebuilder. 

Then, scroll to "Event Options" and toggle on "Display Agenda":


A new icon will appear in your site's navigation bar for the Agenda. 

Single Session Events

The default Agenda page option is only available for events with two or more sessions (Agenda modules are always available). However, admins who wish to create an Agenda page for a single session event can do so with a custom page. Check out our article about custom pages to learn more.

Editing an Agenda Page

Agenda pages are tied to the home page and can be edited from the home page agenda module.

To edit content such as the session title, description, and image, navigate to the home page agenda module and follow the steps above. 

The agenda module does not need to be published on the Home page to make edits. Simply toggle the module off after making edits if desired.

Changing the Agenda Page Layout

There are three layout options for the Agenda page:

  • 16:9 Ratio Image Rectangular (Default layout)
  • Full Image Rectangular
  • Full Image Square 

16:9 Ratio Image Rectangular (Default layout)

To select this layout, navigate to your home page agenda module, click the pencil icon, and select the first layout.


This layout features left-aligned images, a right-aligned title and description, the ability to add tags, and an optional attendee calendar view toggle. On-demand sessions are featured at the bottom of the page. Check out our article about the attendee experience to learn more.


Full Image Rectangular

Note: This layout is not available in the O2 theme. Consider using the default layout above instead or selecting a different theme. 

To select this layout, navigate to your Home page Agenda module, click the pencil icon, and select the second layout (top right).


This layout features session images that stretch across the page. On-demand sessions are separated by a tab at the top of the page.


Full Image Square 

This agenda page layout is only available in our O2 theme. This theme can be selected at the time an event is created or selected in the Themes tab for existing events. 

This layout features square images with descriptions below. 


Thumbnail Free Agendas

Sitebuilder also offers a thumbnail free agenda option for a simplified event site. To utilize this feature, simply toggle "Disable Session Thumbnails" on under Event Options:


This will remove images from the Agenda page, Agenda modules, and Session page video players. Admins & Sitebuilders can still select background colors for these areas. 


Custom Agenda Links for External Meetings 

Custom agenda links allow Admins to create a Session that will appear on the Agenda page and/or module that will direct attendees to another site or meeting such as Zoom or Google Meets. 

To add a custom agenda link, add a new Session to your event:


A new session modal will appear. Toggle "Use custom URL on":


Enter the destination URL, a date, time, & duration. 

Add the Session and publish your event to apply the changes. 

The session will appear on your agenda as usual, but will direct attendees to the URL you've entered upon selecting the session.