Help attendees easily navigate your sessions and keep content secure with session tracks.

Tracks are assigned to sessions to help organize them in a meaningful way and allow attendees to easily see which sessions are in a given track. Tracks also allow admins and site builders to gate content so only specific attendees can view it. Check out our article about agendas for more info.


Create Session Tracks 

To create new tracks or add a session to an existing one, open your event in Sitebuilder and navigate to the session you'd like to add to a track. 

Once you have the session page open, select the "settings" tab and click on the pencil icon in Basic Info.


From the session details modal that appears, click into the Tracks field and begin typing to create a new track or select an existing one. 


Once you have made your selections, click Save. 

Bulk Editing Tracks

From the Agenda module, you can bulk assign tracks for sessions via the Manage Content modal. To get started, click the Pencil icon in the Agenda module's upper lefthand corner on either the Home or Landing page in the Sitebuilder:


From the modal that pops up, select "Assign Tracks" next to the Uncategorized label that currently applies to these sessions without tracks assigned:


Then you will be able to add tracks to each On-Demand session directly from the following page, instead of individually editing every session:


Please note that the "Assign Tracks" button will only appear if no tracks are currently assigned to a session and will only affect On-Demand sessions, not Broadcasts.


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