How to: Turn on Personalized Attendee Agendas (My List)

Customize the event experience for your audience with personalized attendee agendas.

Personalized attendee agendas allow attendees to curate their own event agenda in a tab on the agenda page called "My List" by selecting specific sessions to attend. This feature is especially useful for events with multiple or concurrent sessions. Attendees can add or remove sessions at any time.

First time using agendas? Be sure to check out our feature overview article for more info.


How to Turn on Personalized Attendee Agendas

First, navigate to your event in the Admin console and open the Brandlive Sitebuilder to edit your event.

Next, select the Event button in the lefthand navigation bar.

Scroll to the "Event Options" section:


From here, toggle on "Personalized Attendee List" and publish when ready. 

Using Track Modal 

Admins can also optionally turn on "Track Modal" to create a pop-up that will appear for attendees to easily add all sessions in a Track to their personalized list.



Attendee Experience

When an attendee views the agenda page, they will have the option to add or remove sessions to their list via a bookmark icon or a button, depending upon the layout.

Bookmark Icon:




Attendees can access their personalized agenda by clicking on "My List"


Attendees can remove items from their list by selecting the bookmark icon or button again.


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