Easily share your event site before making it publicly available!

The Preview feature allows Admins and Site builders to share event sites with users outside of the Brandlive platform through a password protected and fully functional preview site. 


Preview is visually and functionally identical to your event site, however, it is completely separate and has a unique URL to ensure there is no confusion between Preview and the live site you will share with attendees. 

How-To Video 

Creating and Sharing the Preview Site 

To share your event site before making it available for attendees, open your event in the Sitebuilder and select the "Preview" button from the top navigation bar: 


A pop-up window will appear with two items: Preview URL and Passcode.


To share your event site, simply copy the URL and passcode to send to team members. Once a user clicks on the Preview site URL, they will be prompted to enter the passcode before accessing the site: 


Once they enter the passcode, they will be able to view and utilize the site.  Users must re-enter the passcode any time they refresh the site. 

Preview URLs are generated by the Sitebuilder and cannot be edited. 

Editing the Preview Site 

To make changes to your Preview site, simply edit your event in the Sitebuilder.  Then, open the Preview modal and select "Publish Preview":


This will publish the changes made in Sitebuilder to the Preview site only (If you wish to add the changes to your attendee-facing event site, you will need to use the main "Publish event" button).

Changing the Passcode

To change the passcode, simply open the Preview modal and select "Change passcode":


A new passcode will be generated for you to copy and share.  Once a new passcode is generated, all preview passcodes will not work and users will need the current passcode to access the Preview site.