How to: Trim Videos in Showbuilder

Greenroom's built-in trim feature makes it easy to edit a recording – even before downloading it.

Trim enables producers to easily edit recordings and drop them into the Showboard without leaving the platform.



Trimming a Video File 

Open the Showbuilder tool in the top right hand corner via the "Enter Showbuilder" button. 

Next, navigate to the Media tab. From here, you can select Files or Recordings to trim videos directly in Greenroom. 

Then, click on the video you want to trim and select the three dots to pull up the sub-menu. Select Trim to open the editor. 


This will pull up a new modal. By default, your media will be sized appropriately into this area, where you can then:

  • Use the handlebars to adjust the start & end times of your clip
  • Play and pause the video. 
  • Seek 10 seconds forward or backward.
  • Jump to the beginning or end. 
  • Drag the play head to a specific location in the video.

This is where you can also trim your video. Simply pull in the cursors at the bottom to the exact beginning and end locations.


Once you have the desired trim area, click the green “Save copy” button in the top right corner of the platform. You will then name your new clip and select"Save copy".  You will see the "Save successfully" notice come up.

There will be a brief processing period, and then your trimmed video will show up with the rest of your media under Files or Recordings depending on the video type you edited. 

Trimming a video will create a new video while saving your original file in Greenroom. Read on to learn about editing a trimmed video file. 

Editing Your Trimmed Video

To edit a video you've already trimmed, simply follow the steps above to open your clip.  Once you've opened the editor, you can trim your clip as many times as you would like. 

If you would like to create a new clip from your original video file, simply select "Go to original" in the top right corner.