3.6 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Engagement Survey
We’ve added an optional post-session engagement survey that moderators can schedule to send or send immediately 
  • Surveys populate on top of the video player and include a 1-5 star rating field and an optional text field 
  • Survey results are accessible via the “User Engagement Results” custom report
  • We’ve added a new, optional offline translations workflow 
  • Enables Admins to export translated site text to update offline before re-uploading to the site
  • View the Help Center article for more information
Custom Theme Templates
  • We’ve added the ability to switch between themes in the content manager - even after you’ve created an event!
  • You can now add your own custom theme by uploading a CSS file from the content manager. Learn more here. 
New User Roles: Sitebuilder & Viewer
  • Sitebuilder: can edit & publish events, but cannot create or delete (formally labeled Editor)
  • Viewer: can view events in read-only mode
Moderation View: Embedded Video Players 
  • Moderators will now be able to view content for video players embedded in a session page  
Custom Reports
  • Custom reports now contain fields for first name, last name, and email address
Product Module Settings
  • Product modules can now be set to open in the same tab, rather than always opening a new one
New “Custom Text” Registration Question Type
  • Admins and Sitebuilders can now add snippets of text to the registration form that do not require an attendee response
  • Text can be customized & supports hyperlinks
Custom Widgets Translations
  • Custom widgets on Session pages now auto-translate to other languages in the same way as custom, Landing & Home pages
Autocomplete for Registration Fields 
  • Added autocomplete prompts to registration fields
Streams Help Menu
  • Brandlive support email & contact information are now accessible in the Streams Help Menu
Questions Module Sorting
  • Attendees can now sort Questions on a Session page to display by “Most liked” 


UI Updates and Improvements

Platform Font
  • Updated Admin Console font to Poppins
Preview Highlighted Live Sessions Toggle Default
  • The “Preview Highlighted Live Sessions” toggle in the Main Event Banner will now default to off

Bug Fixes

Speaker Module Image Aspect Ratio
  • Standardized aspect ratio to 1:1 for Speaker Module images to ensure layouts & displays are consistent across Landing, Home & custom pages