Custom Themes

Custom theme templates give teams the ability to upload their own custom, branded event site themes through a simple CSS file upload. Once uploaded, Admins will be able to select the custom theme when creating events or designing existing events.  In this article, we'll go through how to create a custom theme, how to upload your custom theme, and how to select it for your new or existing events.

Note: Creating a custom theme requires CSS knowledge. Please reach out to your Account Manager for assistance.

Creating a Custom CSS or SCSS Theme 

To create a theme, navigate to the Content tab of the Admin Console dashboard and select "Templates." From here, click "Download blank theme sccs" to download our template file.


Uploading a Custom Theme 

Once you have inserted your custom CSS into the template file, it can be uploaded to the Content tab by selecting the blue Add button and clicking "Add Template."  From here, you'll make the following selections.


  • Theme name: Display name in the platform 
  • Theme description: Describe your theme so users will know when to use this theme 
  • Reference image: Upload an image for your theme to give users a preview
  • CSS or SCSS file: Upload your custom CSS or SCSS file
  • Select color pack: Select a palette for your theme 
  • Select font pack: Select a font for your theme 

Once you have made your selections, click save. The new theme will now be available to use for your events. 

Selecting a Custom Theme

For New Events

To select a custom theme when creating a new event, you'll select the "Create Event" button from your Admin Console dashboard and then a prompt to select a template will appear. From here, you can toggle between Default Templates and Custom Templates at the top of the page. Simply select the template you'd like to use and continue creating your event.


For Existing Events

To change the theme for an existing event, open your editor for the event and navigate to the Theme tab. Open the Template menu dropdown and click the pencil icon.


Then, toggle between Default Templates and Custom Templates to make your selection and click save.