Managing the Meetings Tab

The Meetings tab is where you’ll find all of the created meetings within your Allhands. In this article, we'll show you how to navigate the Meetings tab, how to add a new meeting, and what other options are available for customizing your Meeting.

Meetings Tab Overview

Upon clicking Meetings, you’ll see a row of chronological tabs at the top that shows all of your meetings.

Clicking on the day will show the meetings that are happening that day. Your meeting will display the day and time, as well as the type of meeting.

Adding a New Meeting


To add a new meeting, click the Add button and select Meeting.

When creating a meeting, you can make it a live broadcast or a breakout session.

Live Broadcast

When setting up a live broadcast, you can give it a name; add speakers from your audience list; set a date and time; select the channel the meeting will be in; set a physical location; add producers (optional); and select one of the four broadcast types: 

  1. Greenroom Streaming: Assign a Producer to stream your meeting from Greenroom
  2. RTMP Streaming: Using a third-party RTMP streaming tool
  3. Allhands Broadcast: Let speakers and hosts stream directly from Allhands
  4. Pre-Recorded Video: Upload a video to publish at a scheduled time

Breakout Session

When setting up a breakout session, you can select from three different types of breakouts:

  1. Open Breakout: If hosted, attendees will ask to join session. If not hosted, all attendees will join.
  2. Fireside: Hosts & Speakers join, and attendees watch. Attendees can raise hand to participate.
  3. Partner Video Conferencing: Attach your meeting to Zoom, Microsoft teams, Webex or Hangouts. 

Once you’ve saved your meeting, you can set up your meeting page. You can set a photo as the main banner for the page, as well as find options to adjust the photo.

To have your meeting available to attendees, you have to publish it. Be sure to confirm publish.

Once it’s published, you can access a menu setting with several options, as seen below. 


Creating the stream will also generate the links for the meeting, which will then allow you to access the RTMP and stream key for Greenroom and other RTMP platform uses. 

Meeting Options

Further down the Meeting page, you’ll see more options to set up your page, such as adding a description; ability to tag your meeting; adding resources; and giving your meeting a segmented agenda. 


Clicking the Add to calendar button will download a calendar file that you can import into your calendar.


During the meeting, the audience can use the chat feature to send messages, post gifs, and send emojis. 

When you’re ready to go live with your session, you can click the Start session button.