Greenroom Version 2.21

Features & Improvements

Onsite Program Feed 
  • Added a new program feed to be used during hybrid shows with live audiences 
  • Simplifies workflow for Greenroom run on-site productions 
Auto Duration Setting
  • The shot duration field is now directly tied to the media file duration 
  • Enables producers to play, pause, and seek media while keeping the shot duration accurate 
1080p Presenter Feeds 
  • Greenroom now supports 1080p presenter feeds 
  • Note: Presenters must have a 1080p enabled camera 
Shot Changes 
  • When changing shots out of order (holding shift and selecting the shot) while live, the showboard will no longer auto scroll.


Bug Fixes 


PIP Drag and Drop
  • Corrected issue where it was difficult to drag and drop a presenter or media into the small box of the Picture in Picture layout