How to: Turn on the Onsite Program Feed

Greenroom is a great production tool regardless of whether you are virtual, live/onsite, or a hybrid of both.

If you use Greenroom to produce live events or webinars virtually as well as live and/or onsite, there's an option to disable the audio from one or more Producer or Presenters to avoid audio issues onsite. In this article, we'll show you why you'd want to turn it on, and how to turn it on. 


Onsite Program Feed Video Overview

You'll want to turn the onsite program feed on to let Greenroom know that a user is onsite. This is important because anyone onsite will not want their own audio going out (specifically the onsite presenters). Since this person is somewhere onsite, in-person and likely speaking into a mic or PA system, there would be double-audio without this function turned on. 

Turning on the Onsite Program Feed

First, right-click on the person's feed you're looking to reassign, and assign them as onsite.

Screen_Shot_2022-09-01_at_12.46.04_PM.png Screen_Shot_2022-09-01_at_12.46.19_PM.png

Once you do that, they’ll get a badge. If they’re a Producer, their title will be combined (Pro-Onsite); if they're a Presenter, it will add just “onsite” into the corner.

Finally, go into Settings > Streaming, and click Onsite Program Feed.


When activating the feature, the producer will get this pop up explaining the Onsite Program Feed. Clicking View will direct the producer to the Onsite Program Feed, which opens in a new tab.


Upon clicking Onsite Program Feed, the user and whoever is in the shot will not have any audio going out, so you won't get double audio onsite.

The Onsite Program feed is also accessible by changing the URL of the Producer link to "onsite", instead of "producer."