3.4.7 Release Notes

Features and Improvements

  • Channel Groups
    • Channel groups allow Admins to sort and organize their events via tags for easy filtering. 
    • Each event can have multiple tags/groups associated with it. Learn more about this feature here!
    • Streams now includes a new user type: Editors
      • Editors have the same access rights as an Administrators, but can be given limited access to events based on the Channel Groups they are assigned to
  • Scheduled Announcements
    • Announcements can now be scheduled to send at a specific date and time 
  • New Email Setting Tab
    • Emails settings are now found in their own tab on the lefthand navigation bar once you open an event to edit it
  • Event Custom CSS Updates
    • Rows are now numbered to easily identify each line
    • Added Safe CSS Mode which will prevent users from publishing if there are syntax errors. When feature is turned on, it will notify users which line contains an error. 
    • This mode is off by default.
  • Audience Lists
    • “Passcode Lists” are now named Audience Lists 
  • New Highest Concurrent Viewer Count
    • Analytics Dashboard & Moderator View now tracks highest concurrent viewer count 
    • The Analytics Dashboard will track concurrent views across an event, across all languages 
    • The Moderation page breaks down highest concurrent views for each individual language.  The individual language breakdown is only available in Moderation, but stats will persist past the end of the session.
  • New Session Page UI
    • Session pages have been updated to include a larger player
    • Chat bubbles in the Chat box will will now match the selected background color of the video player (previously determined by palette)
    • Added Light/Dark Mode toggle for Chat


Pre-live state: 



Live with side panel Chat:



Live with overlay Chat: