Organize your projects and limit access to events by role. 

Groups allow Admins to organize events and projects into folders as well as limit other users' access to specific events by group.  Groups make managing your projects easier and ensures that the right team members have access to your content to edit and view your content. 


Creating a Group

To create a group, select the "Create" button in the top righthand corner on the main page of the Brandlive Admin Console.

A dropdown menu will appear. Select "Event Group":


A modal will appear to name your group, select events to include in the group (must select at least one event), and optionally add users to the group.

When complete, click "Save":


Your new group will now appear in the lefthand menu. When selected, the dashboard will display all events and projects in the group:


Adding Events to Groups

Events can be added to groups at the time they are created or after they have been created.

To add a new event to a group, simply select the group it should be included in from the dropdown menu in the event creation modal:


To add an existing event to a group, navigate to the event you wish to add and select the three dots in the upper right corner of the event. A menu will appear:


To add one event at a time, select "Add to Group". 

To select multiple events, click "Select" in the menu. Then, select the other events you with to include. 

When you've made your selections, click "Add to group" in the top righthand corner of the page:


Whether you are adding one or multiple events to a group, a new modal will appear to select your group:


Click "Save" when complete. 

Editing & Deleting Groups, Titles, and Content 

To delete a group, select your group from the Groups menu and click the three dots that appear. 

Click "Delete" to remove the group. Events in the group will not be deleted. 


To edit your group name or content, select "Edit" from the dropdown menu. 

A modal will appear to edit your group name and add or remove events and users from the group:


Group Permissions

To add or remove users from a group, access the groups menu via the methods above or through the User Management menu.

Note: By default, all users have access to all groups until they are assigned to specific groups.

To access the User Management menu, navigate to your profile icon at the bottom left corner of the Admin Console dashboard (may appear as a gear icon if no image has been uploaded). 

Then, select "Settings":


From the Settings page, navigate to "User Management" via the tabs at the top of the page.

Then, use the dropdown arrow next to each user under "Event Access" to add or remove them from a group:


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