3.4.6 Release Notes

Improvements & Features

Custom Emoji Reactions for Broadcast Sessions

  • Admins may add their own images to be used as reactions (Specs: PNG, 150 x 150px)
  • Reactions are global and will be displayed to other attendees currently viewing the broadcast

Alerts for Unedited Content 

  • Admins will now see an alert when publishing an event containing placeholder text(Good descriptive writing…)
  • Placeholder text will be highlighted for Admins to quickly identify and update before publishing

Customizable Placeholder Text for Registration Fields

  • Admins can customize the placeholder text in fields on the registration page
  • Placeholder text will be translated and editable in any selected language

Enhanced Video Reports

  • Video reports now capture actions at the timestamp within the video(relative timestamp) at the point the action occurred action is recorded as a line in the report which includes the date and time of the action (global timestamp) and

Toggle for Agenda & Session Pages

  • Admins can now choose to hide Agenda and Session pages from users – allowing Admins to open registration while continuing to build out / draft session pages

Admin Console Event Dashboard Layout Update

  • Past and On Demand events will now appear in a single tab
  • Added an "All" tab to display all current, future, past, and on demand events in a single view