Adding Channels to Your Agenda

Channels allow admins to control which content is viewable by which attendees. In this article, we'll define what channels are and show you how to add channels to your agenda.

What are Channels?

Channels are tags applied to agenda sessions that allow for control over which attendees see which video content within the show.

You can add channels to groups of sessions to control which content different attendees can see. Channel access for attendees will be assigned to the attendee at the invite level but can be adjusted anytime after.

You must first create a channel to assign to a meeting session before you can create the session. Reminder that each meeting session has to be applied to a channel.

Adding Channels

To add a channel, click the top right button that says "Add." This same button allows you to add a new channel or new session. 


Once you have added a channel, you are now ready to create a session. 

Once channels are added to an agenda session, you can see which channels are tagged for each session by hovering your mouse over the session.

In the image below, you can see that this session has three channels tagged: Training Session, apparel, and track1.


If you are adding a session, you can choose between Live Breakout or Live Broadcast. You will be able to add a title, an image, and then add one or more channels that the session belongs to. That session will then show up in your list as a draft. Once it's a draft, you can go in and add resources and related products. Here is where you can also select and upload an on-demand video and, if you have caption files, add those captions to the video.

When you're ready, and you have uploaded your video, you can flip the publish switch to make it available to view to attendees.