Creating Session Segments

With session segments, your attendees will get an idea of what to expect in a single broadcast or breakout sessions. You can also manage your agenda using sessions segments. In this article, we'll show you how to create and use sessions segments.

What Are Session Segments?

Session segments allows admins to provide details for specific segments of content that will be occurring inside a single broadcast or breakout session, even adding specific agenda items with speakers and time associated.


Creating Session Segments

When you are in a session or meeting – whether it's a breakout or broadcast – you will be able to add session segments. 

First, scroll down the Session details page until you see "+ segments". Screen_Shot_2022-07-20_at_9.55.43_AM.png

Then, click on Segments and follow the prompts on the segment module. You will be able to add a title for the segment, the duration of the segment, and the speakers for each segment (you will only be able to add a speaker to a segment if the session you created has speakers added to it.)

For each segment, you'll have the ability to reorder the segments and save those changes.