You can create URL redirects directly within the Streams platform. In this article we'll show you how to do that, plus outline some common uses cases.

Creating a Redirect

First, navigate to the channel settings.

Next, you'll notice a Redirects tab. Clicking on that will take you to your redirects section. Once there, you'll see a blue button that says Add redirect. Click that to access the pop-up for creating a redirect.

To set-up a redirect, you’ll need two things:

    1. The Path (or, the URL you want to redirect). Leave this field blank if you want to redirect the root domain.
    2. The Target (or, the URL you want to page redirected to).

Finally, click Save to save your URL.

Use Cases

There's several reasons redirects this can be useful; the most common may be if you want to share out the same consistent root domain for your events, and then redirect that root URL to the latest event you’re looking to market.

You can also do redirects within the event itself. An example here would be if you want the landing page on for a single-session event, but then, later, directing straight to the session page after registration.