Direct users to any webpage of your choosing.

The Brandlive platform supports redirects for individual site pages as well as entire channels. An example use case would be after an event has been completed, Admins may want to direct users to their main company website. In other cases, Admins may want to direct users away from their Home page to land directly on a specific Session page. 

Creating a Redirect for a Specific Page

First, navigate to the channel settings in the Brandlive Admin Console by clicking on the profile button in the lower lefthand corner (may appear as a gear icon if you have not uploaded a profile image).

Then, select 'Settings':


Next, navigate to the 'Redirects' tab at the top of the page.

Select the blue 'Add Redirect' button:


A new modal will appear to create your redirect:


Enter the Path URL (the URL you want to redirect users away from) using only the URL that comes after the channel name. 



The Channel URL is

The Home page URL for the event site is

To direct users away from the Home page, enter only what comes after the channel name and forward slash: Webinar-Series-Cooking-with-Fire-/en/home.


Next, enter the Target URL (the URL you want to direct users to).


Then, click 'Save'.

Users who attempt to access the URL listed in the Path field will be redirected to the Target webpage. 

Your new redirect will appear in the list:


To edit or remove a redirect, select the pencil icon. 


Creating a Redirect for an Entire Channel 

To create a redirect for an entire channel, follow the steps above, but leave the Path field blank. 


Users who attempt to access any webpage hosted in your Channel will be redirected to the Target URL.