Inbound Registration Data with Webhook (Zapier)

A webhook is a way for an app to provide other applications with real-time information. In this article, you'll learn how to connect your Brandlive Augidence List to Zapier in order to automate your event's guest list.

Why Use a Webhook?

A webhook delivers data to other applications as it happens, meaning you get data immediately. This can be a very powerful tool for event planners who are using external systems to gather and manage registrations, as this will eliminate the need to manually import attendees into an audience list to gate event entry.

Setting Up a Webhook

Note: Eventbrite is being used in this example but the same process can be applied to any app that Zapier directly supports. Check out a full list of apps that Zapier supports.

  1. Connect the audience list you want the data to flow into within the Admin Console:
    • Screen_Shot_2022-05-23_at_4.24.35_PM.png
    • Screen_Shot_2022-05-23_at_4.24.51_PM.png
    • Screen_Shot_2022-05-23_at_4.26.27_PM.png
  2. This will open a tab with the Webhook URL. Keep this for later when we set up our Zapier integration
    • Screen_Shot_2022-05-23_at_4.26.42_PM.png
  3. Toggle on the Inbound Webhook tile instance:
    • Screenshot_2022-12-22_at_9.59.23_AM.png
  4. Open Zapier to set up your Trigger and Action events:
    • Zapier uses a “trigger+action” workflow
    • In the example below you will see that a New Order in Eventbrite will trigger a new action.Screen_Shot_2022-05-23_at_11.31.20_AM.png
    • Use the default Webhook settings for Zapier (shown below) and make sure that you are using the POST option
    • Paste the Webhook from step 2 into the URL section of Zapier
    • Payload type “form”
    • Data “email” label and select the email field from Eventbrite (shown below)
    • Screen_Shot_2022-05-23_at_4.35.41_PM.png
  5. Once this is all done you will be prompted by Zapier to run a test in order to ensure that your data is flowing properly. If you run into any issues with this process please ensure that you are using the exact settings shown above. If any additional issues persist please reach out to your dedicated Account Manager or CSM to assist you.