Managing Your Channel Videos

The videos section of the Channel Details page is where you can showcase any video related to the channel. In this article, we'll show you how to add a a video, plus provide best practices around managing your videos. 

Channel Videos Overview

Adding a Video

To add a video, select the Channels tab > select a Channel > + Videos, as shown in two images below.


Once in the Channel Details page, you will see on the top right a button that says "Add Video," where you can upload your video, or drag and drop from your computer. Be sure to allow time for your video to upload.


This area is also where you can add the video thumbnail (16:9 image), and have the option to feature your video on the homepage by clicking "featured".


Details Button

Once the video is uploaded, hover your mouse on the thumbnail to reveal the details button. Clicking into the details will allow you to add a description, tags, resources, and questions, as well as create a post or survey. 

Edit Video

By clicking "Edit" on the top right, you will then be able to adjust the title, description, or tag any tracks you want to be associated with the video.


Best Practices

  • You will notice once you upload a video, the video will be labeled as "draft." Your video will remain in draft form until you publish it. If your video is labeled draft, your video is only viewable by admin and not viewable by attendees. When you're ready for the video to be viewable by attendees, be sure to publish the video.
  • The file size limit for video upload is 1 gigabyte. You can compress your video via a platform like Handbrake to get it to be less than 1 gigabyte. Remember that it can take a few minutes to upload a larger file.
  • Broadcast and breakout sessions get auto-published into the video section of their channel association once the session has ended. If edits are needed, you can hide your video by selecting "unpublish", and then re-upload.
  • Currently, there's no way to re-order videos once you add them, as the order is determined by the order in which the videos were uploaded. If you do need to re-order them, reach out to your Brandlive Rep for assistance.