Managing Questions Feed Settings

Within your Allhands show settings, there is an option to manage the settings for your questions feed. In this article, we'll talk about what the questions feed is, what options you have in the settings, and also how to create a post.

What is the Questions Feed?

The questions feed is a general area where an admin can create any posts for your users to see.

In the questions feed, you will also see ALL the posts and questions throughout the platform. The questions feed is, in a way, a general hub to store content.

Questions Feed Settings Options

As an admin within the questions feed, you have the ability to:

  • Turn the questions feed toggle on; this means that anything under the questions feed (questions, video questions and anonymous questions) will be disabled. 
  • Change the icon and title in the menu
  • Display a questions section
  • Enable video questions
  • Enable anonymous questions


Creating a Post

As an admin, you also have the ability to create a post for attendees to see. A post can include anything; this may include interesting information for meeting attendees to see, pre- or post-show reminders, and more. Here, you can also download all of the answers to the Q&A section. 

This is also where attendees can create or ask a question under products, or under live and on-demand videos.