Getting Started with Allhands: Email and Password Users

Welcome to Allhands! In this article, we'll show you how to get started as first-time user using your email, and what to do if this is your first-time logging in.

Accessing Allhands as a First-Time User

  1. An access email will be sent to you and will include a direct link to enter into Allhands.
  2. Copy the temporary password exactly as shown in the email without extra spaces at the beginning or end. Click the "Enter Allhands'' button to access.


How to Login to Allhands for the First Time

First, enter your business email address into the data field, then follow the prompts to paste your temporary password you copied from your email.


Next, reset your password. Your new password must include numbers, a capital letter and special character; cannot be all uppercase letters.


Finally, enter your profile information upon entering your Allhands and add your profile picture so other attendees throughout Allhands can more easily identify you.

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