Showrooms Show Settings Overview

When you login to your Showrooms account and click into the Show, you will then see your Showroom's specific settings.


In the show settings, you have the ability to :

  • Edit show as a public or private show, 
  • Toggle agenda on and/or change agenda icon/title
  • Toggle the catalog on and/or change catalog specific settings such as catalog title, product title, icon, catalog format, catalog icon, show product count
  • Video on demand title and icon


  • Feed toggle on, title, icon as well as the option to turn on video questions, questions and anonymous questions image3.png
  • Change temporary password
  • Moderation type: full moderation is where all user content will be sent to moderator to review, smart moderation is where only suspicious content will be send for review and no moderation


  • Change session branding background, update/add policy agreement  and have the option to turn it on or off 
  • Chose a different language from the multi languages provided in the platform.
    • To enable the language across the platform you must toggle the language "on"