Fonts, Palettes, & Border Radius Shapes

Fonts and Palettes provide additional customization opportunities for your Streams event. We have a selection of pre-designed color palettes to choose from.


Each color palette can be edited and saved for future use. Palettes are unique to each template and when you select a template, there is a corresponding palette used; Apollo = classic, Studio54 = Bold, and 02 uses the Fun palette. You can change your events’ template color palette several ways:

  •  By manually changing background, header and font colors manually in the build out
  • By selecting a different color palette from preexisting palettes under “Theme”
  • By editing a pre-existing palette and saving it for future applications to any/all templates/event pages




Similar to palette, we have a selection of fonts to choose from. You can also upload your own header and body fonts that will be saved for future use in the Content tab under "Fonts," or on the Theme level when building your event. 




Border Radius Shapes 

Border Radius Shapes allow you to customize the shape and style of various elements across your Streams site, including buttons, images, and containers. To adjust an element, simply move the slider to achieve your desired styling.