Feature Overview: Themes & Design Tools

Fully customize your site from header to footer with easy-to-use design tools. 

Use our native design tools to build the perfect site for your use case and showcase your brand at every touchpoint. Save your designs to use over and over with color palettes, themes, fonts, and more.  

design tools header image.png


Themes provide a template to begin crafting your site. Brandlive offers three templates to get started with or an advanced option to create your own using CSS. 

All themes are fully customizable and contain the same functionality. 


Brandlive's Creative Studio also offers customized theme creation services. Reach out to your Account Manager or sales@brandlive.com to learn more. 

Color Palettes 

Create custom color palettes for your site by selecting background, text, and accent colors. You can create as many palettes as you'd like to be used over and over again. 

You can also enter custom editor colors to make your brand colors available across the editor. 

color palette.png


Choose from a variety of pre-populated header and body font combinations or simply upload your own using .ttf, .otf, or .woff font files. 


Custom CSS

Are you a CSS pro? Enter CSS at the event or session level for complete customization down to the last detail. 

css 2.png

Border Radius Shapes 

Customize the shape and style of various elements across your site including buttons, images, labels and containers. 

border radius shapes.png

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