Bring your content to life in just a few simple steps.

Brandlive supports streaming from our virtual Greenroom or from any third party encoder that utilizes RTMP. Before going live, we recommend reviewing the Preparing to Stream section below to ensure a smooth live event. 


Preparing to Stream 

Before going live on your event day, we recommend the following:

  • Test stream to your page using our Test Broadcast feature. See our how-to article here
  • Ensure you have assigned a team member to moderate your event if using the Chat or Questions features. Learn more about our Moderation feature here
  • Confirm all firewall settings are correct, especially if using a corporate network. View firewall settings here
  • Create a set of static graphics to be used at the start of your stream, at the end of your stream, or if technical difficulties occur. 
  • Plan to begin streaming with a welcome slide, your session thumbnail or a countdown timer about 15 minutes before your scheduled start time to ensure your stream is hitting the page. 

When going live, there will be a slight delay from the moment the stream begins and the moment the stream hits the event page as the server makes the connection. This delay is typically only a few seconds, however, we recommend using a 'go live' asset to begin streaming with to ensure the connection has been made before your main content begins, including any B-roll. 

A 'go live' asset can be:

  • The image used as your Session Thumbnail 
  • A branded image such as your logo 
  • A welcome slide or video 
  • A countdown timer video  

Streaming from Greenroom 

To stream from Greenroom, first login to your Producer dashboard at

Then, select the Greenroom for the session you will be streaming to. If your event is available in multiple languages, ensure you select the Greenroom in the correct language. 


Once you've entered your Greenroom, select the gear icon in the top navigation bar. 

Then, select the Streaming tab and confirm that Brandlive is selected as your destination. 


Confirm your 'go live' asset is up on the canvas. 

Press 'Stream' and confirm your 'go live' asset can be seen in the video player on the event site. 


Your show is now live! 

Stream not hitting the page? Check out our troubleshooting tips below. 

Streaming from a Third Party Encoder

To stream to the Brandlive platform with a third party encoder, you'll need to extract the RTMP address and stream key from the Admin Console. 

Important note: For security purposes, the stream key will turn over approximately every 4 hours. Always confirm you have the current stream key in place before going live. We recommend going live at least 15 minutes before your scheduled start time to ensure your stream is hitting the page.

Once a stream has started, the key will not turn over until after the broadcast ends.

To access the RTMP information, open the session in Sitebuilder in the Brandlive Admin Console. 

Then, navigate to the 'Settings' tab at the top of the page. 

Scroll down the menu to 'Streaming' and select the pencil icon:


A new modal will appear. Click on the dropdown arrow and select 'RTMP Streaming':


Click 'Done'.

Next, click 'Show RTMP info' in the Streaming section:


Copy the stream address and key to input into your encoder. 

Click 'Publish Event' to save your settings. 

Streaming Capabilities & Encoder Settings

Video Encoding (1080p)
Encoder: (X.264) H.264 or Apple H.264

h.264 Profile: Main

Width: 1920
Height: 1080
Frames per second: 30
Average video bit rate: 4Mb/s (4000Kb/s) 

Resolution: 720p or 1080p

Keyframe Interval: 1 second
Quality: 3 - Default
Key frame every: 30 frames

Audio Bitrate: 128Kb/s

Audio Codec: AAC

Audio Channels: 2

Important note: Specs above are dependent upon producer and audience member internet connections.