Streams Fireside Sessions

Fireside is a Session type in Streams where an attendee can essentially raise their hand to then be called onto the virtual stage to ask a question or chat with the speaker directly. In this article, we'll give you an overview of firesides, show you how to customize them, explain hosting, and show you how to secure your firesides.

Firesides Overview

Creating a fireside chat Session can be done through the admin console by creating a new event and selecting Fireside from the Session type drop down menu. This allows you to broadcast natively from Streams, and allows audience members to join the stage and interact with Presenters.

You'll then want to give your fireside a name, plus fill out the rest of the information; title tracks, language, date and time, duration, and session hosts. It's also best practice to enter a good description so that you can lead attendees to the fireside and show them where to join.

Once you've started the fireside session, the start session button will turn into "Join as host" for those listed as session hosts.

When you're in the fireside session, you can access a menu on the right that will list the attendees names that are in the fireside. This will also share the onstage chat and the session chat.

You can have up to 9 users on the virtual stage with their cameras on; you can have up to 15 users on the virtual stage with their cameras off.

Finally, when you're finished with your fireside session, you can then click the exit button at the bottom to leave the stage.


Hosts have permissions like muting microphones, pulling people on stage, and ending the session. Admins that are part of your channel will already populate as firesides hosts. You can also add hosts that aren't admins. There's no limit to the number of hosts you can have.

When joining as a host, you'll want to give access to your microphone and camera. Then, a preview of yourself will be shown with audio and video controls, along with a button to join the stage.

Securing Your Firesides

When continuing through creating your fireside, you'll notice that you'll need to have Registration turned on, as that collects vital information and keeps your fireside secure.