In this article, we'll go through our most frequently asked questions regarding Streams, including around general questions, broadcasting and streaming, analytics, and customization.


Is there a new user experience for viewers registering, or interacting with the page?

Yes, when a viewer gets the URL to a Brandlive event, they’ll go to a landing page first. The landing page provides event details and promotes registration. Once the viewer registers, they'll access the home page, sessions and additional content. 

If there's no landing page, the URL will take users directly to registration and homepage.

If there's no landing page or homepage, the URL will take users to registration and directly to session page.

Are there breakout rooms?

Yes, we have two different options for breakouts. 

  • Streams Breakouts: More intimate, engaging breakouts with 15 people or less
  • Zoom Breakouts: For larger capacity Breakout Rooms up to 100


Are there going to be more templates added over time? 

Yes! There are three (Apollo, Studio54, O2) but we're planning on adding more with upcoming releases. Check out our article on landing page themes for more info. 

Do you have to use a template?

Yes, you do need to select a template in order to build an event.

Can you create a completely custom template?

You can’t build a custom template from scratch, but you customize existing templates.

Landing Page, Homepage and Session Pages

What modules or features are available on the landing page?

Landing page modules include: navigation, main event banner, speakers, agenda, about, products, videos, sponsors, callout, footer and the ability to add a blank section for HTML, or duplicate any of the list modules.

What modules or features are available on the homepage?

Homepage modules include the same as landing page modules, with also the ability to add custom pages to the homepage navigation bar.

What modules or features are available on the session pages?

There are two components on the session level:

  • Modules that live under the general "Overview" of the session, which include: description, speakers, products, and similar sessions
  • Modules that live under “Tabs," which are unique to the session page and allow viewers to access specific content by clicking on the corresponding tab. These include polls, documents, questions, and the ability to add a blank section for HTML, or duplicate any of the list tabs. 

If you change a module, or section on the event homepage layout, will it affect the landing page modules, or sections?

No, the landing page and homepage are built out separately and respond independently.

What if a client only wants a single session event?

If there is only a single session, a landing page is optional. For events with more than one session, the landing page is required.

Language Options

How many languages does it support?

Brandlive Events supports over 100 different languages.

For languages, would we have access to the JSON files to customize the language translations depending on the dialect?

No, you wouldn't need the JSON file as you can edit directly on the page in the language you want to edit.

Can you have multiple sessions (ex: session pages in different languages) that see the same live stream?

Yes! This is called concurrent streams in multiple languages. You’ll work with your production team to ensure they send each language feed to its corresponding session RTMP/Stream Key.

Is there a new Spec Sheet?

Yes, you can find this in the Streams Learning Hub.

Broadcasting and Streaming

How does RTMP / stream keys work for multiple languages?

Each language has its own session and that equates to one Greenroom (i.e. one Spanish session = one stream key/GR). If a client is not using Greenroom, Streams will generate a stream key for each language output.

Is there currently a “Simu-Live” session type?  (i.e. video file starts playing at a scheduled time and attendees can join mid-playback)

As of now, we currently only have a simulive feature in Showrooms but hope to be adding this to Streams in 2022.

Do any session types support 3rd party captions LIVE or pre-recorded captions via an SRT/VTT?

We do not support this in Streams, but we do in our Showrooms product.

Do the session RTMP and stream keys ever expire?

Endpoints recycle every 4 hours without any connections. Connecting to a stream key resets the recycling window.


What analytics are captured?

We now capture analytics on the channel, event and session level.

The analytics captured are: total views, average. duration, minutes, retention %, total registrations, total watch time, language, region, browser, devices, session timeline, and audience location. 

Check out our Streams analytics guide for more analytics info. 

Customization, CSS and HTML

For custom CSS, is it only on the theme level? Or can you adjust by page if needed?

There are two areas to apply CSS:

  • Theme Level: Customization that affects the entire event (i.e. page formatting, hiding elements, adding buttons, etc.)
  • Session Level: CSS that affects the session page (i.e. hide video player, or chat on certain sessions, change chat container color, etc.)

Can you upload custom HTML to create your own page layout?

You can apply HTML to a Blank Module within “Custom Sections”

Can you still paste HTML into a regular description box?

No, but you can apply HTML to a blank module within “Custom Sections”

Can you use JavaScript in a custom code module?

JavaScript can only be added by a Brandlive developer.