Getting Started with Streams (Attendee)

There's seemingly a lot going on before your Streams event, but we're here to show you around so you have a better understanding. In this article, you'll learn how to get the URL for your event, plus get an understanding of the landing page, what event registration is, and what to except on the homepage.

Getting the URL For Your Event

Getting the URL for the event can happen in a few ways. In most situations, you'll get the event URL directly from the event host, or as part of an email blast or marketing campaign. 

The Landing Page

The landing page is the "front door" to the event, and is optional for events with one session. The landing page is made up of various, optional section that viewers can engage with, depending on what section the event host features.

Sections on the Landing Page

Sections are individual pieces of the Streams landing and homepage that allows viewers to access specific types of content. Read on for a list of the sections that can be found on a landing page. Reminder that sections are optional, so not all sections will be on every event. 
  • Navigation: The navigation modules prompts registrations and can host additional tabs for viewers to click on to jump to sections of the event page, or outside of the Brandlive environment (i.e. Learn More takes to website). 
  • Main Event Banner: An optional section and likely the first section on the landing page& home page that introduces viewers to your event and provides high-level information about it.
  • Speakers: An optional section is where you can highlight guest speakers, MC’s and hosts featured during your event.
  • Agenda: An optional section where your individual sessions are displayed. If viewing from the Landing Page, clicking on sessions will take you to the registration (unless registration is off). From the homepage, clicking on the session details will allow you to view that session page and content.  
  • About: An optional section where you can learn information about the event hosts venue, mission, purpose, and more.
  • Products: An optional section where products/items are displayed for sale. Can also be used to host documents on landing and homepages.
  • Videos: An optional section where you can watch videos that help support the event and are not tied to a session.
  • Sponsors: An optional section that highlights the organizations that are supporting your event by displaying their logos.
  • Callout: An optional section to prominently feature content for users and direct them to take a specific action.
  • Footer: The footer is the last section of your landing and home page, and the ideal space for a “Terms and Conditions” or “Privacy Policy.”

Event Registration

Registration is the process of collecting information from viewers, and/or adding a layer of security by asking them to verify information (i.e. email address). Registration is optional, but most event hosts will ask for visitors to complete a form (i.e. first name, last name, email, etc.) before accessing the event.
Sessions with breakout rooms or fireside chats require first name, last name and email as part of registration.

The Homepage

The homepage is where viewers land after registering for your Streams event. On the homepage, you can access sessions, features and information the event host displayed post-registration. The homepage can mimic the design of the landing page since they’re tied to the same event.

The key difference between the landing page and the homepage is the homepage will feature a navigation bar on the left, for viewers to jump to sections on the page.

The homepage features the same sections as a landing page, see "What Are Sections" above for descriptions. 

Additional Resources

Check out our article on session pages to learn more about where to view a live broadcast, what the different session pages are, and more.