Showbuilder and Greenroom: Key Differences

A dedicated place to collaborate on your shot layout and run of show.

Showbuilder mode provides a dedicated space for collaborative, pre-show planning and shot building. While at first glance Showbuilder mode looks very similar to the live state of Greenroom, there are some critical differences that are important to understand. In this article, we'll run through the key differences in Showbuilder.


Key Differences in Showbuilder

This article goes more in-depth into the key differences in Showbuilder, but here you can see a quick rundown of what those key differences are. 

  • In Showbuilder, edits are immediately applied
  • Showbuilder is collaborative
  • It is not possible to broadcast while in Showbuilder
  • Feeds of anyone invited to a Greenroom appear in Showbuilder, regardless of whether or not they have made an account or are currently logged in (this is to help with building shots).
  • Edits can be initiated by clicking the thumbnail canvas in the Shot Tab (the "Edit" icon is not visible in Showbuilder)

Showboard & Canvas

Critical to Showbuilder is the ability to build shots prior to going live. As the shots are created, they can be seen in order, like a preview, in the Showboard. In both live mode and in Showbuilder, the Showboard exists below the canvas. Key differences between live mode and Showbuilder mode include:

  • When building shots in Showbuilder, changes that are made are immediately reflected on the canvas. This includes changes to the layout and any changes made in the "Design Tab".
  • Showbuilder is collaborative. When multiple Producers are in Showbuilder, it is easy to see which Producer is working on which shot. Similar to Google Slides, fellow Producer's avatars appear on the shot in the Showboard which they are working on (see the yellow box in the image below indicating that a Producer is on Shot 1). This enables a collaborative environment in setting up a show. 





Normally in Greenroom's live mode, the "Stream" button is present in the top Navigation bar to initiate a broadcast. When in Showbuilder, Producer's do not have the ability to broadcast.

Once the show is prepped and ready to "Stream", it is required to exit Showbuilder to begin the broadcast.



It is possible to make changes during a live broadcast, and the live mode does support the ability to edit the Showboard on the fly. Check out our article on how to edit shots while live to learn more.



Feeds Tab

In live mode, the feeds tab normally reflects only the Presenters currently logged into that Greenroom. This means that if a Presenter is not present in Greenroom at a given moment, a new shot cannot be built in live mode with said Presenter inside of it.

However, in Showbuilder, the Producer has access to ALL invited Presenters represented by placeholders in the Feed tab. This placeholder appears whether a Presenter has created a Greenroom account or not. This allows the Producer to prep shots ahead of time, so that on the day of rehearsals, tech checks, recordings, or broadcasts, the shot layouts are built and the Presenters' feeds have been placed in shots accordingly. 

If the Presenter has already created an account, their full name will be reflected in the placeholder feed in the Feed tab. If a Presenter has not created an account, only their email address will appear.



A Greenroom Presenter can update their profile info with a background image, which will allow them to import a headshot or logo that can be used to identify them. Those that don't have a background image will just see their initials.

  • The background image can be the same or different to the avatar image. Check out our article on Greenroom profile and settings to learn more about editing profile information.


Once a Producer drags and drops a feed thumbnail into a shot layout, that user's feed will appear directly in the frame in which they have been added.

  • If the user is not logged into Greenroom, or the user's camera is turned off, a placeholder will be shown.
  • The placeholder on the shot layout works the same as the placeholder in the feeds. On the shot layout, the placeholder will be the background image a user has loaded to a profile, the initials of the user's first and last name as entered in their profile, or it will be the first letter of the user's email address if neither the background image or first and last name has been entered into their profile. 

Keep in mind that if a user ends up joining the Greenroom with a different email than what was invited, the software will not know to place them in their correct shots.


Shot Tab

Within the Shot tab, there are a number of features available. From the Shot Tab, a Producer can:

  • Rename a Shot
  • Set a shot duration to keep Presenters from spending too much time on a given shot
    • It's also possible to set a shot duration below the canvas
  • Click the Shot thumbnail to edit the Shot Layout
    • It's also possible to edit a shot layout by selecting "Edit Layout" below the canvas 
  • Toggle Title animation on/off
    • Note: If the Titles toggle is turned on, a play button will appear next to it, allowing you to activate the title mid-shot when the shot is live
    • It's also possible to toggle Titles on/off below the canvas
  • Type in cues that should be known to advance the shot
  • Type in any relevant Producer notes/information that need to be tracked for a given shot
    • The Notes field within the Shot Tab is not linked to the Notes Tab, as it's a secondary notes area. 
  • Hit the "Trash" icon to delete the shot.

The Shot Tab is also available within the Greenroom, so you can make changes to your shots during a live show. Check out our article about how to edit shots while live to learn more.