How to: Adjust Overlay Animation Settings

Overlays allow you to put your brand front and center.

Overlays is a feature in Greenroom that allows producers to overlay graphics and videos into their shots. In this article, we'll show you how to use the animation settings.


Overlay Animation Settings

When the overlay populates in the show, an Animation settings menu will appear to the right side of the shot. You can also click the overlay into focus to bring up the overlay animation settings.


Screen_Shot_2022-10-24_at_10.00.01_AM.png Overlay_image_settings.png 

When adding an image overlay to a shot, you have a variety of animation settings available to apply. 

  • You can have the overlay build into the shot with a dissolve or move in effect, which can be set to various durations. With the move in effect, you can also pick what direction the overlay moves in from.
  • You can also manually cue the overlay to start at the beginning of the shot through the Shot tab, or after a delay that you can set in seconds.

Overlay_Image_start.png Overlays_Move_in.png

Overlay_manual_start.png Overlay_Build_in_delay.png

Applying a Build Out Animation

When applying a build out animation, you can set it for manual activation in the Shot tab, or after delay, allowing you to set a time of how long the overlay is visible.

Overlay_Manual_End.png Overlay_image_after_delay.png

Applying Multiple Overlays to a Single Shot

You can also apply multiple overlays to a single shot, and you'll see the manual overlay settings stack on top of each other within the Shot tab.

When in Showbuilder, you can visually turn on and off overlays within a shot, to view them in a layered fashion and edit them one at a time.


Note: There's a maximum of 8 overlays that you can apply to one shot.

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