How to: Place an Overlay in Greenroom

Add an overlay in just the right position for it to have maximum impact.

Overlays is a feature in Greenroom that allows producers to overlay graphics and videos into their shots. In this article, we'll show you how to place an overlay onto your canvas.

Video Overview

Placing an Overlay

The Overlays tab is a separate section where you can upload custom overlays for your Greenroom shots. 

  1. When you upload files, they upload to the respective section that's selected within the Media Tab. So, you'll want to be selected on the Overlays sub-tab before clicking upload in order for the file to be recognized as an overlay. Accepted overlay file types include: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .mp4, .mov, .gif

  2. Once an overlay is uploaded, you can drag it into a shot that's on the canvas. You can do this both in Showbuilder and within the Greenroom.
  3. Once the overlay is on the shot, you can drag it to any position you like, and then rotate and resize the overlay. Note: When you add an overlay to multiple shots, the overlay will snap into the position it was previously placed. If moved on the second shot, it will move to the same place across all shots it's placed on. 


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