Greenroom Version 2.9

Improvements & Features

  • Shot-by-shot Overlays: Allows producer users the ability to drag & drop media items anywhere on the canvas.
    • Videos & Images: These items can have a transparent background; .mov files are needed for videos with transparency
    • Overlay Animations In/Out of Shots: All overlays can be animated in and out of a shot, either with time queues, manually, or when the shot start.
  • Global Overlays: Right-clicking on an overlay gives the option for the overlay to be applied globally.
  • Media Tab Filtering: Users can filter their media tab with a variety of options.


  • Black feeds were sometimes appearing on the canvas/broadcast
  • The title with white text and no background was not scaling appropriately
  • Certain large video files were not compressing properly & causing greenroom failures.
  • Sometimes titles were rending in the wrong font for the first 500ms
  • Under certain conditions, audio mismatches were occurring between participants