Feature Overview: Greenroom Overlays

Overlays allow you to add custom branding, titles, and more to make your show uniquely yours.

Overlays is a feature in Greenroom that allows producers to overlay graphics and videos into their shots. In this article, we'll show you how to search for – and organize – your overlay graphics and videos, plus explain the additional overlay settings. 

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What is the Overlays Feature?

The overlays feature enables the Producer to use custom graphics and animations they have built to be overlaid onto shots within the Greenroom. These can be in the form of image files or videos, even in transparent form. 


Video How-To

Accessing Overlays

In the Media tab, you'll see three different sub-tabs labeled Files, Screenshares, and Overlays. Click on Overlays to access your overlays library.


Search and Organize

You can search for overlay files with the search bar, and organize them with the drop downs provided.

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The Files tab will host all media content that can be placed within layouts for various shots. For more information on uploading media, please reference our article about uploading and placing media content.

The Screenshares tab will still give you the ability to activate a presenters screen share or place a screenshare in a shot you're planning, which is also explained in our article about uploading and placing media content.

Additional Overlay Settings

Within the media tab where you see your overlays, click the ellipses (...) button to access a settings menu within each overlay.

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This is where you'll see options to:

  • Preview video overlays
  • Download Overlay (Producers only)
  • Duplicate your overlay
  • Delete Overlay

Note: If video overlays are made as transparent MOV files, they will show up as transparent within the Greenroom. Any MP4 video files will not be transparent if uploaded as overlays.

Additional Settings on the Canvas

When your overlay is visible within the canvas, you can also right click on the overlay to access additional settings.


These settings include:

  • Moving your overlay forward or backward (if working with multiple overlays) relative to other overlays, so you can see which one overlay is on top of another (i.e. bring to front, bring to back).
  • Maximizing the size of the overlay
  • Adding the overlay to all shots in your Showboard
  • A sub-setting for removing the overlay
    • In this sub-setting, you can delete the overlay from the shot, or delete it from all shots in your Showboard. You can also left click on the overlay and use the delete key on your keyboard to remove it.

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