Media Mic Echo Cancellation

Greenroom offers media echo cancellation, a setting that removes an echo from media files played by users if they are not wearing headphones while in this Greenroom. In this article, we'll explain more of the benefits of media echo cancellation, plus show where you can toggle this feature on and off.

What is Media Echo Cancellation?

Media Echo Cancellation removes echo from media files played by users NOT using headphones in Greenroom. It will keep the audio of any media played within the canvas contained in the canvas, thereby enhancing the ability to communicate with fellow Presenters or Producers in Greenroom when using media files. Ultimately, this creates a more easeful experience when using Greenroom. 


Auto Mute Toggle

The auto mute toggle within Greenroom's settings is defaulted to being toggled off as a result of Media Mic Echo Cancellation being implemented within Greenroom. While it's unlikely you'd want to turn this feature off, it is possible within Greenroom's settings, as seen below.