Asking Questions

Showrooms is built so that you can engage across the platform with questions. You have the ability to ask a written or video question. 

To ask a question:

  1. Click over to Questions. Once in Questions, you can add a written or video question 
  2. Click to add a written question
  3. Click to add a video question



    How to ask a Written Question

    • Type your question into the chatbox. Maximum 600 characters
    • You can attach any resources to your written question by clicking the “attach image” icon.
    • When ready click “Submit Question”
    • Questions can include text, images, and hyperlinks



      How to ask a Video Question

      • Click the gear button to confirm your audio and video sources
      • Click the red recording button to begin your recording
      • When finished, you can review your recording before sending it by clicking the play button
      • Submit your video question by clicking “submit”