Customizing Fonts

Within Showrooms tenant settings, you can customize the fonts that are inside of a Showrooms event page. In this article, we'll show you how to find this option and how you can customize your fonts.

Customizing Fonts

  1. Navigate to your tenant settings
  2. Inside the settings tab, click the pencil next to Font.
  3. Upload your .woff file via these options in the pop-up:
  • Regular: for paragraphs and small captions
  • Medium: for small headings, large subtitles, captions, and button labels
  • Bold: large headings, medium subtitles, and small button labels
  • Black: decorative text on the landing page

If you have another file type (most typically are .ttf file types), you are welcome to use tools to convert to .woff like CloudConvert or Convertio