Custom Pages

Custom pages are entirely new event pages created to support your unique event content. They exist on the event level, and are displayed in the main navigation along with the home and session pages. In this article, we'll show you how to customize your pages, common use cases for pages, how to create a custom page and add content to it, and answer some frequently asked questions. 

Customizing Custom Pages

The same customizable layout presets are available for easy use in custom pages. They have the same drag-and-drop/toggle on and off functionality. You can add the following elements to you custom page:

  • Speakers
  • Agenda
  • About
  • Products
  • Video
  • Sponsors
  • Callout Section
  • Blank Section (custom HTML)

Common Use Cases

  • Sponsor exhibitions: Sponsors can share more about their brand, post product demonstrations, eye-catching promotional footage, and more.
  • Monetization opportunities: Display advertisements and shopping discounts/promotions tied to the event.
  • Seasonal shopping guides
  • How-to guides
  • Dedicated video and photography pages
  • Host event-level documents or tools to support the overall event

Creating a Custom Page

  1. Navigate to the Event tab in the event creation admin flow. Click +Add page next to the Custom pages heading.
  2. The pop-up window – Add new page – allows you to choose an icon from a list of existing options, add a page name, and view/edit the page URL. Click Save.

Adding Content to a Custom Page

  1. Select the custom page from the list labelled Custom pages. (Note: Enabled custom pages can be reordered by dragging the module container.)
  2. Click +Custom Section to add layout preset modules and customize accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way to add HTML to a custom page?

Yes, there is the option to add a “blank section” module to a custom page, where you can add your own HTML for further customization.

Can you hide/display a custom page based on audience track?

Yes, this option is available in the event settings. 

Can I have more than one custom page?

Yes, you can hypothetically have as many custom pages as you like, but we recommend using them sparingly so as to not overwhelm the navigation bar or your audience.

Can I create my own custom page icon?

No, though you can choose from a list of existing options.

Can my custom pages use the same icon?

Yes, you can use any existing icon you like any number of times across custom pages in the same event.

Can we make the icons for each of these tabs different colors? 

No, all navigation tabs are the same color.

What is the character limit for the tab name? 

Technically, the tab name allows for up to 63 characters. However, we do not advise having more than ~15 characters as any more will visually clutter the navigation bar.

If we have two custom pages that use the same layout preset (for example: the products feature) will they stay separate?

Yes, custom page content remains completely separate even if you use the same layout presets. The content built out on one custom page will not automatically be reflected on any other pages.