Streams Session Page

On Streams, your session page is the place where your live broadcast or on-demand content lives. In this article, we'll talk about the different kinds of sessions, session broadcasting types, plus rundown the session modules, features, and tabs.

What are Streams Session Pages?

Your session page is where your live broadcast or on-demand content lives. Viewers can watch videos, ask presenters questions, chat with each other, access polls, view documents and see similar, or upcoming sessions.

Check out our article on building your session page to learn more.

Four Session Types

  • Broadcast: A live session with a date and time associated with it. Endpoints (RTMP/Stream key) are unique to sessions, and allow for concurrent streams to one Event.
  • On-demand: A session with no date and time associated with it (i.e. pre-recorded or previously live content) so viewers can watch on their own time.
  • Breakout Session: A session that facilitates breakout meetings, which allow participants to connect in groups for focused discussions. Typically, a smaller group size provides the best experience. Check out our article on breakout sessions to learn more.
  • Fireside Session: A session where an attendee can essentially raise their hand to then be called onto the virtual stage to ask a question or chat with the speaker directly. Check out our article on fireside sessions to learn more. 

Creating an Event

Session Broadcasting Options

  • Greenroom: Connect directly with our encoding product Greenroom.
  • RTMP: Copy your RTMP/Stream Key endpoint and paste into your own encoder tool.
    • Remember, RTMP/Stream Keys recycle every 4 hours without any connections. Connecting to a stream key resets the recycling window

Session Modules & Features

Chat: The chat feed is for quick engagement and responses, using text, emoji’s, GIFs, and image sharing. You have the option to display the chat feed to the right of the video player, or as an overlay on the video players right side. Viewers can turn the chat on, or off by clicking the “chat” icon.

Reactions: Your audience can react to your event in real time with emojis and images that are pre-uploaded by you on each session page. 

Screen_Shot_2021-12-02_at_12.24.16_PM.png Screen_Shot_2021-12-02_at_12.27.56_PM.png


  • Overview: Optional space to write a session description, or provide viewers with directive for navigating the page.
  • Speakers: Optional section to highlight guest speakers, MC’s and hosts. You can also link to their social media pages or website.
  • Products: Optional section that highlights featured products and can link out to shopping carts or product websites.
  • Similar Sessions: Optional section for suggesting similar or upcoming sessions created for the event.
  • Custom Tabs: Duplicate an existing tab option (speakers, overview, polls, etc.), or create a custom tab to add to your session page tab options.
  • Questions: Questions are best for long form discussion and conversations that you don’t want lost in the chat feed. The feature lives as a tab below the video player and can be toggled on or off.
  • Polls: Polls give you the ability to survey your audience.
  • Documents: Host documents on your session page to support your content (PDF, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, misc.) You can upload your documents in the content manager and add to session pages, or add documents as you build your session.