Assigning Admin Control

Once a show in Showrooms has been created for you by the Brandlive team, you will then be able to go in and add your team as admins. In this article, we'll explain what controls admins have and how you can assign admin controls.

What's In Admin Access

Admin users will see special controls within the interface which lets you build the show.

The admin control will be visible on all pages within the event. They are only visible to you and your team who are set as company admins, and you have the ability to control every page in the event from within that page.

Once you're invited as an admin, you will see a switcher on the top left which will allow you to switch between shows.

How to Assign Admin Control

Admins will have direct access to every show in your Showrooms account, and have the ability to make any changes. Here's how to give that permission to someone.

  1. Navigate to the Directory area
  2. Click over to the Admins tab
  3. If they are already in the system, you can search by name or email to add them
  4. If they are not already in the system, click the purple button 'Invite admins' to invite someone new. Then, a pop-up will appear and you'll be able to invite admins via email.