Streams Registration

Prior to your Streams event, you can choose to have registration or not. In this article, we'll talk about what registration is, things to consider when turning it on, and gating options.

What is Registration?

Registration is the process of collecting information from your viewers, or adding a layer of security by asking them to verify their email address. Registration is optional and can be turned off, meaning all viewers accessing your events can do so without any layer of authentication.  

Turning Registration On

Turning registration on will require your visitors to complete a form (like providing their first name, last name, email, and more, if you choose) before they can access the event. 
By turning on registration, you will also need to complete the design and buildout of your registration page. You'll also need to determine if you want viewers to verify their email address before being able to access the home page, or if you'd like them to receive a registration confirmation email.
If you have a registration deadline or have reached your attendee goal, you can close registration for your page to prevent new users from registering under the Event Availability settings.

Registration Information

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of turning registration on is it allows you to collect visitor data. Upon requiring registration, consider the information you'd like to collect. Then, you'll add those fields to your registration form in the General Info tab.
The field types available are text field, text area, dropdown list, checkbox, numeric field, date field, email field.

Next, determine which fields are required or optional for viewers to submit. Some examples include:

  • First Name and/or last Name
  • Email
  • Job Title
  • Company
  • You can also add a “Custom Field” to your registration form.

Registration Gating Options 

Registration gating is the ability to lockdown content and manage access for specific audiences (i.e. General, VIP, Executives, Members, etc.)
There are a few registration gating options available for your Streams event:
  • Paid Ticketing: Ability to add a paywall to your Streams so viewers pay for event access. Check out our article about paid ticketing to learn more.
  • Audience List: A pre-determined audience list you can upload and “assign” to specific sessions. The list format is CSV.
  • Email Domain: Attendee must have "" email domain to access

You can also gate custom pages with a passcode. By clicking +Add Gate on your page, a modal will pop up that says Page Gate Requirements. You can use the picker, and choose as many passcodes and you'd like for any given page.

Visit our Streams Learning Hub for video content on Registration Buildout and Registration Email Options 
Note: In order to view the Streams Learning Hub, you will be prompted to register for access.

Hybrid Events

If you are hosting a hybrid event and would like your in-person attendees to use your Streams site while at the event, you can opt to hide the video player from in-person attendees while still allowing them to access all features and content. Users will select their attendance status at registration.