Navigating the Team Page

The team page within Showrooms is where you can invite attendees, as well as search, manage permissions and delete attendees. In this article, we'll talk about how to get to the team page, how to invite attendees, and what options you have with your attendees.

Getting to the Team Page

When you are finished creating your show and would like to invite your attendees, navigate to the team area in the shows settings. The team area is where you can add, search, manage permissions, and delete attendees. 


Attendee Options

When viewing individual attendees, you have multiple options:


  • The eye icon gives the ability to delete a non admin-user. To do so, click the eye and select "Remove". You will then get a verification pop up to ensure you are certain you'd like to remove access for this user. 
  • The All Tracks drop down allows you to change the access that an attendee has. If you would like to change their access, simply select the drop down where it says "Custom" or "All Tracks" and you can select and un-select the tracks you would like the attendee to access. 
  • The key icon manages login access and is where you can reset the attendees password. This will send them an email with their updated password so they can login again.
  • The mail icon resend invite to users who have not yet logged into the platform yet.

Inviting Attendees

There are two ways to invite attendees: individually or with a .csv file

Invite Individually

First, select "Invite Members"in the upper right corner of the team page, you will then see a pop up similar to this:


  1. Enter the email address of the attendee you'd like to invite
  2. Select what tracks you would like them to have access to
  3. Select "Invite" in the lower right corner of the pop-up
  4. Once invited the attendee with receive an email with instructions on how to access your Showrooms! See "How to Access Showrooms" article for detailed instructions on how an attendee accesses Showrooms for the first time. 

Invite via .csv

First, select "Invite via .csv" from the team page. You will see a pop-up similar to this:


Remember: Formatting the .csv is important and particular. Please keep these aspects in mind, plus see the screenshot below.

  • This uploader only accepts a single list of emails.
  • No headers or column titles
  • All emails in column A.
  • File format must be .csv


  1. Once the .csv is in the correct format, drag and drop it or use your computers search settings to upload it to the pop-up. 
  2. Select what tracks you would like your attendees to have access to.
  3. Select "Invite" in the lower right corner of the pop-up.
  4. Wait at least two minutes before navigating away from this screen, as the process for importing the attendee list needs to run.
  5. Once invited, the attendee with receive an email with instructions on how to access your Showrooms. Check out our article on how to access Showrooms for more info.

Helpful Tips:

  • When uploading via .csv it's important that the list of emails within the .csv all belong to the same track. We encourage you to create separate .csv upload files for each group that is requiring access to a different track.
  • To check if the .csv process worked, search your attendee list for the first and last email in the list; if they are both present, then the process was successful. If there are difficulties with this process, please contact your CSM to assist you with inviting your attendees.