Greenroom Version 2.5


  • When presenters are in the canvas with a media item they are automatically given slide controls
  • New Hotkey: Press "Enter" to "Apply layout" 


  • Clear shot was resuming on producer refresh
  • Broadcast button bugginess
  • When setting border widths, different screen sizes were showing different border thicknesses.
  • On the show details page, sometimes presenter invites weren't sending
  • When clicking certain back buttons in the dashboard view, it wouldn't remember which channel you were on or was going back too far
  • Avatar bubbles weren't correctly populating in some instances
  • Keyboard shortcut info was incorrect in the (?) in the corner of the screen for presenters
  • Media volume level bugginess
  • Unmuting browser tabs was pausing media videos
  • Copy/pasting emails between Greenroom invites was adding an invisible space