How to: Use Virtual Backgrounds in Greenroom

Greenroom's desktop application supports virtual backgrounds through the use of third-party cameras and programs that are capable of generating a virtual background. In this article, we'll show you how to activate a virtual background in Greenroom's desktop. For more information on using virtual backgrounds in the Greenroom iOS app, see this article.



Activating a Virtual Background with Greenroom

To activate a virtual background in Greenroom, you'll have to first select and open a third-party virtual camera or program that can generate a virtual background to your camera feed. Then, follow the next steps.

  1. Navigate to "Video Settings" from the Presenter or Producer avatar icon in the upper right-hand corner of Greenroom.
  2. In Video Settings, change the video source from the default (typically the computer's internal camera, or a webcam that's connected to a computer) to the third-party virtual camera or program that you're using.


As a best practice, activate the third-party virtual camera or application prior to entering the Greenroom. By keeping the virtual camera application open and active, Greenroom will be able to readily identify the third-party virtual camera as a video source. 


Troubleshooting Tips

If Greenroom is not recognizing the third-party virtual camera, the following can be done:

  1. Refresh the browser 
  2. Restart the computer

Example Applications That Support Virtual Backgrounds

We've found two third-party apps that work well with Greenroom.

OBS (Open Broadcast Software) Virtual Camera



With OBS, you can start the virtual camera feature within the bottom right corner of the application and send an output of whatever is up on screen in OBS to Greenroom. This would allow you to have your camera source come through OBS first, in order to layer it with a background image or green screen effect that you can chroma key.

Like OBS, there are various applications that include chroma keying as a feature. Just like in the movies, green screen use for virtual backgrounds yields the highest quality experience.

Third Party Application

Below is an example of a virtual background created within Mmmhmm App and successfully brought into Greenroom. 



Reminder: Most virtual camera applications will overlay a watermark within the virtual background if you're using their free versions. Purchased versions can remove the watermark.

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