Greenroom Version 2.2


Shot & Slide Notes - There is now a new note type, which automatically scrolls with the current shot. Each shot & slide has it's own section.

Who's Where? - In Showbuilder, users see an avatar on their showboard to reflect which users are viewing which shot.

Presenter Feed Drawer - Presenter's Feed drawer is open by default

Video Resolution Management - Toggle that disables Greenroom's auto scaling feature. Useful for SMALL presenter numbers, or when using the show board out of order. (Won't load in fuzzy feeds to canvas) - Warning, this could cause increased performance requirements on user's computers AND internet bandwidth requirements. Consult Product before using

Auto Mute toggle - Disable auto mute feature. Warning this will cause echo in your media file playback

Background Pack - The "Background" area in the design tab is autofilled with some default items. Check it out!

Collapsed Showboard - The Showboard now functions in the collapsed state. 

RTMP address checker - Greenroom automatically trims whitespace, as well as checks to see if the correct format is being used

Default Room Settings - Be default, edge to edge layouts have spacing, and borders are on

Bug Fixes

Greenroom Green - User's thumbnails now match, instead of using the old red color.

Pulsing Feeds - When the number of presenters is on the edge of needing a scrollbar, the feeds would "pulse" as the scroll bar appeared/disappeared. 

Unmuting browser tab pauses video - Unmuting browser tabs would pause media videos

Pre/Post Show Media red box - Pre/Post show media had an omni-present red box that makes it look live. We got rid of this to avoid confusion

Email Invites/Reminders - When changing the time of an event, greenroom emails were not always updating properly to reflect

Notes Sharing bug - Sometimes the note sharing drop down was broken

Event time - Once events started, they were moved to "past events" prematurely